1. How Much Food will 5 Bucks Buy You Around the World??

  2. Remember when Sadaam Hussein was buying Uranium in Africa for weapons of mass destruction?? Remember when Pres. Bush said ‘Mission Accomplished’ on the aircraft carrier? It’s been 10 yrs since the war in Iraq began.. If you have time, watch this doc about the misleading intelligence information we believed & half-truths elected officials told the to American people in order to get us to go to war with an imaginary enemy.

    It’s too good to make up…

  3. Over the past 33 years, Georgetown and Syracuse has been one of the most contentious rivalries in college basketball, but as Syracuse prepares to leave the Big East conference for the ACC and Georgetown moves to the Catholic 7 next year, former players, coaches, journalists and alumni recall the history of the rivalry.

  4. Wealth Inequality in America:

    A few facts:

    -The top 1% of Americans contain 40% of the nations wealth…
    -The average worker needs to work more than a month to make what the CEO does in ONE HOUR
    That’s incredible.. This infographic paints a shocking picture.
  5. Google has long been viewed as one of the premiere companies to work for. It’s youthful environment, forward-thinking leadership, and game-changing products have elevated the company to the top of the tech food chain.

    Allow me to introduce you to 25yr old Google employee Andrew Fink. Fink loves working for the company so much, he decided to write a rap song record a video homage to the awesomeness that is Google.

    Not bad, but for a company that is viewed by most as a tech leader. It’s 21st century approach doesn’t seem to apply to it’s hiring practices though…. Diversity anyone?

  6. Time Magazine recently turned 90, and is celebrating by taking a look back of some of the major stories and world events since the first publication. This video highlights 90 of the best TIME covers in 120 seconds. Head over to TIME.com/90years for more.

  7. Imagine living in a world where you don’t have to charge your electronic devices. Or where one charge holds for days or weeks on end. It might be closer than you think..

  8. In the days leading up to the 2012 election, MSNBC took over the NBC Experience store at 30 Rock to provide a unique opportunity for fans. The “MSNBC Experience” featured meet-and-greets with on-air hosts, a Starbucks lounge, photo booth, button-making station, and many other activities. I produced a short video to capture some of the best moments and images from the experience.